Free Online Personal Training Session

Online Training is just like Personal Training in the gym except you are in the safety and comfort of your own home or office.  This has become extremely popular due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Your Virtual Personal Trainer will develop a completely individualized program to help you achieve the goals that YOU set. In addition to your Online Workouts they will help hold you accountable to your program, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via daily check-ins by text or email.

Your Online Personal Trainer will guide you through your workouts from the gym while helping you with form and pushing you to workout levels that are hard for you to achieve on your own. Your Trainer will work with you one-on-one via our online platform to fully individualize your workouts, your cardio, your stretching & foam rolling and food intake.

With Virtual Training you will meet one to three times per week online for not only complete workouts but also to help you develop a complete program you can utilize the rest of your life. Basically, we want to turn YOU into your own Personal Trainer.

This isn’t a pre-recorded training or a group class, this is tailored 100% for you based on your goals, your time-frame and your life-style.  Our Trainers can work with anyone whether you have equipment or not. We utilize what you already have available in your home or can even loan out some equipment to those that are local to Portland. All you need is a free Zoom account to get started!

Your Free Online Personal Training Session involves:

  • A real time example of what working out with an online personal trainer is like.

The trainer will first find out about your goals, your desired time-frame and any challenges (ie: injuries, busy work schedule, hectic life, etc.) you may have. They will then put your through a very moderate workout to gauge your fitness level and give you an idea of what your workouts might look like (don't worry, we've done this thousands of times and will not ask you to do anything you can not succeed at).

  • Taking the time to explain what you can expect when working with.

This is your opportunity to ask any questions and get a real feel for what it’s like to have a personal trainer committed to seeing YOU SUCCEED. We will show you all your options in price and offer you any specials that maybe available. You know your budget, we pride ourselves on finding an option to fit any situation.

  • What have you got to lose?

You are going to learn a ton and have a great time – NO STRESS.

Make your home, your gym!

Our online Personal Training sessions allow you to use what you have on-hand in your home. NO special equipment is necessary.

Work with a professional Sport Trainer right from your own home!


You are always welcome to come into the gym as well, if you want to participate in some on-site personal training sessions as well.