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Curious about starting or restarting your Personal Training with a trainer at Lloyd Athletic Club – voted Best Gym in Portland 4 Years in a row!  Start your Personal Training journey here at your locally owned and operated Portland Gym.  We have the best Client Reviews of any gym in town!

How do I lose weight at a Gym?

Almost all clients want to either gain muscle or lose weight. Our Personal Trainers understand the science behind how best to lose weight and gain muscle through working out one-on-one with a personal trainer.

How do I improve my metabolism while training at the gym?

Our trainers incorporate what is known as HIIT, or high intensity interval training, which is just a fancy way of saying that in order to improve your metabolism at the gym, you need to pace your workouts in a very specific way. One-on-one personal training is the best way to learn how to do that – and the benefits begin immediately!

How do I get stronger working with a personal trainer?

Gaining strength should be part of everyone’s goals when they workout with a personal trainer. Staying strong helps us in so many ways – aging and recovery primary among them. It’s great to look strong, but our trainers will ensure you actually see improvements in your fundamental strength.  That pickle jar lid has no chance!

How do I build endurance working with a personal trainer?

Whether you are preparing for your first Marathon or just looking to increase your energy level  – our Personal Trainers help you reach your long term goals through a structured and customized program.

Free Personal Training Session