In-Gym Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

You and Your Trainer 1-3x per week with 7 days per week program management and accountability

People are always amazed at how much faster and easier their fitness goals are reached when they begin working with a personal trainer one-on-one.

Work with Lloyd Personal Trainer in the gym and crush your goals! Your program will be 100% focused on you, your goals and your time-frame.

Great Workouts designed for you

Working with a Trainer in a gym setting (even versus a Personal Training Studio) gives the great advantage of diversity in workouts. There are simply many more options in exercise equipment, classes, and recovery tools such as hot-tubs/steam-rooms/saunas than you find in smaller facilities. You will also most likely be on your own in a gym of some sort in your future so the more you can learn how to utilize the equipment and weights all while feeling more comfortable and confident only benefits you all the more.

Your One on One Personal Training workouts will certainly be tough and challenging. But we will design each one specifically for you with your success always in mind

Designed for YOU

One on One Training appointments are offered in a larger variety of times and durations.  Our Trainers can work with you to develop a plan that gives you realistic expectations while accommodating your schedule and lifestyle. We have to help you find a Health and Fitness solution that fits for you or you will not stick with it. Most Personal Trainers give you workouts based on their own opinions on what’s best for you and are more than happy to go on and on about what you “should do” (otherwise known as mansplaining). But we will work WITH YOU to develop a plan that works for you in the time-frame you want (as long as it’s realistic). We will never lie to you or promise you unrealistic results. We want you to succeed, we will never set you up to fail.


We will hold you accountable to your goals as little or as much as you want us to! Why? Because we want you to succeed. Once we work with you to develop a program that’s doable for you and accomplishes measurable results then we will teach you how to manage it. Even as your age, your goals, and your life changes you will know how to adapt your fitness plan to meet your needs. You will not get this aspect with most other Personal Trainers.

Another great benefit of working with us is unlimited Small Group Personal Training for all One on One Clients that meet at least 2x per week. Once you are signed up for our One-on-One Training, you are welcome to join any number of group sessions. Group sessions are fun, fast paced and give you a chance to work with a range of different Trainers all from differing backgrounds and specialties. You will always have your Primary Trainer that manages your program but hitting a few Small Group Training sessions during the week can really propel you towards success!

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Small Group Training

Working out on your own, in a group setting.

Small group training consists of workout sessions designed by your trainer that you do with a small group of people. Because the group is limited to 10 or fewer attendees you will still receive the personal attention you need to succeed. Each SGT session is unique – giving you a variety of experience and confidence with free & body weights, machines and resistance bands.


You get a GREAT workout with small group – and you’ve got the benefit of seeing other’s doing the same exercises and getting feedback from the trainers. It’s a nice addition to your one-on-one personal training sessions and you can drop in any time and stay for as long as you like.


No matter what your fitness level, you’ll find it easy to follow the routine and work within your parameters. If you are working around an injury or feeling like hitting it hard – you will have the flexibility.


The best part of the work out is that YOU are not responsible for either maintaining attendance levels or building the spectrum of exersizes. Show up – Work out – Feel great!

Online Personal Training

A Complete Fitness Plan including Virtual Personal Training and 7 days per week planning and accountability

You and Your Online Trainer = 1-3 times per week plus 7 days/week program management

People are always amazed at how much faster and easier their fitness goals are reached when they begin working with a Personal Trainer and this is also true for Online Personal Training.

The power of having a Trainer focused on you, your goals, your life style, your potential challenges, and your time-frame is really rather remarkable!

The Client is the one who has to do the really hard work but the Trainer will make sure you know what to do 7 days per week and then hold you accountable via text or email on the days you do not have online workouts. Let’s face it, we all do better with accountability. Your Online Personal Trainer will Never make you feel bad or guilty, but they will also never stop encouraging you to do your best.


You CAN get a great workout at home and it does not have to be boring, miserable, or impossible to achieve! We recommend 2-3 Online Sessions per week for best results but we realize that you have a budget in mind so we leave the type of program you choose up to you.

We will cater every workouts to your specific goals and current fitness level. We will always keep our laser-focus on improving your health and fitness through workouts that you can succeed at and enjoy.

We will work with whatever equipment you have available (even none) and can also help you purchase some key/low cost items such as bands, stability balls, and foam rollers. We do not believe in profiting off our clients buying equipment but we can make good recommendations to you and help you find the best deal.


Our whole purpose in life is to help you achieve the results that you want to see! Whether you want to lose weight, tone and firm, add muscle, improve your posture, work on an aching back, improve knee or joint pain, lose baby weight or just get lose the weight you gained over quarantine we will help.

We’ll always help you with your best interest and self-image in mind. Our Personal Trainers are real people who have struggled with fitness themselves and are never judgy. We want to help everyday people be healthier and feel better about themselves. There is not a more satisfying career on the planet when our Clients accomplish their goals. Can you imagine losing 50 pounds, being pain free, and knowing how to maintain that for life? Helping Clients achieve measurable results is what gets us up every morning ready to go!


Accountability is one of the main ways we differentiate our Trainers from 98% of the rest. Most Trainers give you a great workout and then you are on your own the rest of the week. Not us! We will make sure you know what to do 7 days a week and 365 days per year. Even if you meet with your Online Personal Trainer 2 or 3 times per week there will still be many other health and fitness tasks for you to achieve throughout your week (drinking enough water, getting good sleep, food intake, stretching/foam rolling, etc).

Through thousands of clients we have learned that if we hold Clients accountable for their goals via email or text messages on their “off days” we can greatly increase their chances of success. How much or how little accountability you need is up to you. You might even get a little sick of your Trainer because we will always be there to help you as much as you need.

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