There’s a lot to be said for having two strong legs, two strong arms. Symmetry is beautiful – and we are programmed to respond to it at a very basic level. But everyone also has a dominant side – for example I have a hamstring injury that flares up occasionally and so I have a tendency to over compensate with my other side. Carlee keeps me well balanced with regards to weight training each side equally – even if one is slightly stronger. We always do the same reps on BOTH SIDES.

Another powerful method to ensure we retain our beautiful symmetry is One-Sided Workouts. These types of exercises work one side at a time and focus on quality of movement – so they are generally exercises that take a little more time and coordination. They make you use your BRAIN AND YOUR BODY TOGETHER. Adapting to the challenge of these types of exercises can also tell you a lot about where you might need more work.

I found this wonderful article online that goes into more detail and has some excellent examples of One-Sided exercises. If you have questions, or would like to incorporate some of these into your routine, chat with any of the wonderful Personal Trainers at Lloyd Athletic Club.