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Chase is an amazing trainer! They really helped me understand the importance of form and made me feel comfortable and capable every step of the way. I really saw a transformation in my body and mindset and the way I move during every day tasks. I have never had such a great gym experience.

leola davis


I did a lot of research before choosing LAC and it’s by far the best deal in town. I’ve been training with Chase for about three months now and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself! It’s been a struggle to get back into the gym the past few years and I finally came to terms that I needed a trainer to help jumpstart me. Within minutes of our first consultation, I knew Chase was going to be the perfect fit for me. She’s kind, caring, funny, great teacher and motivator. But most importantly, she listens! I have a lot of back and feet issues; whenever I feel physically uncomfortable, I let Chase know and she is able to come up with alternative exercises or helps me stretch. I’ve had experiences in the past with other trainers and instructors where I felt my concerns were not heard/addressed and their one size fits all solution was to tell me to try to do better at it 😒 Chase has never made me feel bad about not being able to continue an exercise or needing to rest a bit longer. Since training with Chase, I feel stronger physically and mentally and actually enjoy my training sessions. The gym can be an intimidating place for a new person and I highly recommend anyone to get started with Chase to ease into it.


Had a great training experience with Justin Olson! He really listened to what I was looking to achieve and designed a customized program accordingly. I was definitely intimidated by the idea of hiring a trainer as I hadn’t been in a gym in years, but Justin’s approach immediately put me at ease. Highly recommend!

jeff han

As a member of Justin Olson’s Fit Over Fifty Class I recommend him as a highly effective, energetic, and skilled physical fitness instructor. Jason creates an encouraging and accepting atmosphere that allows everyone to participate at a level appropriate to his or her own capacities.. The classes are fun! which is itself a motivator for continuing to come to class on a regular basis.



Justin is an excellent personal trainer. I am 65 years old and committed to staying strong and fit for as long as I can. Justin worked with me to build muscle and endurance and, then, pushed me every week to grow stronger. And when I showed interest in new exercises, he was willing to teach me how, shift my mindset and push me forward again. Whether just starting, or crazy committed like I am, if you are interested in staying young, strong and healthy into your next decade, work with Justin!