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Working with a Personal Trainer to Help with Balance

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Maintaining good balance is essential for leading an active and fulfilling life. Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or a senior aiming to prevent falls, balance plays a pivotal role in overall wellness. One effective way

Optimize Performance through injury-preventative workouts.

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The Pacific Northwest is truly a gem, especially during the summer season. The allure of nature and the plethora of sports activities available make this time of year incredible. However, leaping from zero activity to full throttle and

Being the Best Gym in Portland has it’s advantages!


Last year we won Willamette Week’s Best in Portland contest – in the gym category. This spring we are entering the race again and hope to win Best Gym in Portland yet again (with our members help). We

Finding that elusive “Gyms Near Me”


Some of the most popular search queries, when it comes to “gyms”, is “Gyms near me.” It’s understandable for people to want to find a gym near them. The benefits are obvious – finding a quality gym near

Can working out with a Personal Trainer help me lose weight?

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Losing weight is a challenging task that requires dedication and effort. While many people try to lose weight on their own, working with a personal trainer can be a highly effective way to achieve your goals. In this

Benefits of working with a Local Personal Trainer

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Working with a personal trainer can be a highly effective way to achieve your fitness goals. While many people are able to stay motivated and achieve their desired results on their own, others benefit greatly from the support

Hiring Personal Trainers

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  Lloyd Athletic Club is not currently hiring personal trainers, however if you want to submit a resume for future consideration, please feel free to do so here: Submit your Resume Lloyd Personal Training Career applicants will: Develop

Getting the best results with a Personal Trainer

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a personal trainer can help you achieve impressive results if you have a positive attitude and are willing to listen to the trainer and do what he or she suggests. This is because trainers will help you when

50 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Every Part Of The Body

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From: Bodyweight exercises and workout routines are an excellent vehicle to help you reach your health and fitness goals; and all, without a single barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell in sight. You can complete the majority of these

Losing Weight after 50

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As my 50th birthday approached, I began to look at myself in the mirror and see an uncomfortable truth... I was no longer going to rely on my speedy metabolism & natural athleticism. I'd never really had problems